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Macisushi is a unique humanitarian piece, formed with the help of a forward thinking and self-directed learning, called a clear-cut approach. Macisushi is generally wrapped in zesty, but can occasionally be found wrapped in a cheeky attitude, tremendous amounts of energy, dreams, creativity, or inspirational views of the world. All its ingredients make it perfectly clear just how differently it wishes to experience life. It’d far prefer to be self-sufficient rather than being a sheep in society who follows everyone else’s lead.
Macisushi is usually revolutionary so no one can tell it how to live its life. Below are some common types of Macisushi, but many other kinds existing:
1. Gluttonmaci is a cylindrical piece, soft on the outside. Often made with two or three feelings that are chosen for their complementary tastes and colors. During the festivals, it is a tradition Gluttonmaci to eat and drink so it keeps its cylindrical form, then it is particularly called Party-maci (happy rolls). Gluttonmaci is often vegetarian, but may include non-vegetarian toppings such as fish, steak, or meatballs.
2. iMaci is a kind of Macisushi filled with unique character, is named after the legendary Salvador Dali fond of uniqueness called a narcissist. There is nothing ordinary about this maci, that is for sure.
3. iTechmaci (technological and certainly not technophobic) is a kind of Macisushi filled with a variety of modern appliances. Invention and research is often used in this style.
4. Madmaci (harmlessly mad roll) is a small often moody piece, with far-reaching attitude on the outside. A typical Madmaci generally contain only one feeling, often intense excitement, enthusiasm, rarely lunacy, and, more recently, senseless folly.
5. HotMaci is a kind of Macisushi filled with raw loyalty. Although some believe that the name "Hot", meaning ‘spicy’, alludes to the plenty of unanticipated surprises - good and not so good in which the Macisushi lives, it actually is influenced by a tendency to shake things up from time to time to keep everyone on their toes.
6. Tsunamimaki (openly-air-your-thoughts maci) is a communicative anti-conventional kind of Macisushi filled with rigid opinions sometimes tossed with disagreement with others. It presents ideas in a vigorous way so there’s never a dull moment when eating it. There’s often others who wants to challenge it, especially if they happen to be much more conventional. Tsunamimaci will be more than happy to challenge that taking great pleasure in proving them wrong.
7. Hypomaci (always-thinking-mind-rarely-if-ever-stops) is a piece of creativity on the outside and flair for design and color spilling out the wide end. A typical Hypomaci is investigative, curious and extremely active mentally. And is eaten with fingers because it is too awkward to pick it up with chopsticks. For optimal taste and texture, Hypomaci must be eaten quickly after being made because its brain can become overactive, especially at night and loses its crispness and becomes somewhat difficult to bite.
8. Socimaki (a very social maci) is a kind of maci that is usually served in groups and organizations that make a difference on the society plate. Even the smallest socimaci will make some difference in the plate because it is deeply interested in changing the awareness of other sushi to make the plate a better place.
9. Wemaci (somewhat weird maci) is a young-at-heart piece, with two or more feelings. Wemaci differs from other kinds of Macisushi because it is aloof and detached on the outside and sensitive and caring inside. The feeling is in the center surrounded by distance, then a layer of abstracted matter, and an outer coating of some other ingredients such as own ideas and solutions to problems. It can be made with different feelings such as strong personality and quirky approach. Unimaki has not been so popular because it is not easy to hold it with fingers.
*Macisushi is bio certified, natural grown with no added artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
Makisushi is preferably served in a comfortable environment that mirrors its unique character and by itself or sometimes together with sushi of the same kind.


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